About BioAcademia
Established July ,2005
President & Founder Hideo Shinagawa, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Headquarters North Building 3F, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University. 3-1 Yamada-Oka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871
TEL / FAX 81-6-6877-2335 / 81-6-6877-2336
Products & Service Research reagents and custom service for Biomedical Research.
(Proteins, Antibodies, Hybridoma, Assay kits and Gene Edition)
Our Policy Developoing unique and high quality products and service in collaboration with academia.
 Scientific Advisor
Hanaoka, Fumio: DNA Replication and Repair in Eukaryote. Prof. Emeritus, Osaka University
Iwasaki, Hiroshi: DNA Recombination, Damage Response. Prof. Tokyo Institute of Technology
Ishino, Yoshizumi: DNA Replication and Repair in Archaea. Prof. Kyushu University
Hishida, Takashi: DNA Damage Response. Prof. Gakushuin University
Yonesaki, Tetsuro: Phage MolecularGenetics. Prof. Emeritus, Osaka University
Matsuura, Yoshiharu: Virology. Prof. Osaka University
Horiguchi, Yasuhiko: Bacteriology. Prof. Osaka University
Mekada, Eisuke: Cell Biology. Prof. Osaka University
Kitamoto, Noritoshi: Virology & Hybridoma. Prof. Hyogo Prefectural University
 Message from the president
  BioAcademia was established a decade ago with small capital contributed from my friends, many of them in academia, and my family. I had been an active researcher studying DNA Recombination and Damage Response and wondering why most of biomedical reagents were imported ones, although Japanese life Science level had been high. Japan can contribute more to international market of biomedical reagents if we can establish a company with support from scientists in academia, which was the motivation of establishing BioAcademia. DNA related enzymes and bacterial toxins were our products at early stage. Seeds and material of majority of our current products, antibodies, hybridoma and proteins, have been provided by scientists in academia who developed them for their own research. This is the reason why quality of our products is exceptionally high. Thanks to the support of the scientists in academia and our valued customers, after a decade, many of our products have become world brand. For the next step-up, we opened a new laboratory on the campus of Osaka University, (January, 2017) to facilitate collaboration with the University. We will expand our activity in the area of infectious diseases to produce diagnostic reagents and gene editing, supported by the faculty members, past and present, of the University.
My concluding remark is Our Quality Makes Your Quality.

President and Founder :Hideo Shinagawa,Ph.D.
B.A.;International Christian University
M.A.;Princeton University
Ph.D.; Osaka University
Editor or Editorial Board : Journal of Bacteriology, DNA Repair, Research in Microbiology, Genes & Genetic Systems.
Original articles : ~180 publications in Scince, Cell, Mol.cell., Gene Dev, EMBO J, Mol.Cell.Biol., J.Biol.Chem., J-Bacteriol., etc.
 Categories of Products and Service
1. Enzymes and Reagents for Genetic Engineering ; PCR Enzymes, DNA Ligase, RNaseH, etc.
2. Enzymes for Biochemistry
3. cDNA Libraries of human and model organisms
4. Proteins related to DNA Recombination, Replication and Repair, and the related Antibodies
5. Growth Factors
6. Bacteria Protein Toxins and the Antibodies
7. HIV-1 Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies
8. Antibodies ; Trsanscription Factors and RNA Processing
9. Antibodies ; Cancer, Signal Transduction
10. Antibodies; Immunology
11. Antibodies; Chromosome, Cell Division and Check point
12. Antibodies; Epigenetics and Chromatin
13; Antibodies; Proteasome, Ubiquitin and SUMO
14. Antibodies; Differentiation, Embryology and Stem Cell Biology
15. Antibodies; Reproductive Biology
16. Antibodies; Brain and Neuroscience
17. Antibodies; Viruses and Infective Agents
18. Antibodies; Plant Biology (to be on market soon)
19. Miscellaneous; Cell Lines. LeukoCatch (Removal and Collection of Leucocytes)
20. Custom Service: Protein Conjugation. Monoclonal Antibodies (From April, 2017)
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